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hongkongbusinessdirectory.net was compiled to provide an easy to use and understand quick reference about Hong Kong's business leaders.  Why Hong Kong?  Hong Kong was chosen because it serves as a major international financial center in Asia.  Its importance to the region cannot be overlooked - its liberal economic policies coupled with its geographic location were determinative factors in its evolution into its prominence as a financial center.  The importance of the Hong Kong to the international business community is worth noting.  The following business leaders represent varied backgrounds.

Each business leader featured has eight to nine sites or articles of useful information about his accomplishments, business strategies, or companies.  When taken as a whole, the information provides a broad overview of the profiled individual and can offer a sense of career path, demands, and issues facing Hong Kong business leaders.  Richard Li deals in media and telecom; Joseph Lau's sector is finance and real estate, and Patrick Wang's industry is automotive and commercial products.  These business leaders were selected on the basis of several factors.  These include recognition for professional achievement, the amount of media attention received, and differentiation in industries. 

The leaders profiled have many impressive industry accomplishments, each in his sector.  In the competitive world of business, the standard setters are those who are at the top of their industries and have the influence and ability to have substantial effects within their industries.  Understanding who the leaders are and what they have achieved helps one to define one's own professional success.

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